Board Member Elections

It is now late April as you read this, and all homeowners in Laguna Sur should be thinking seriously about the upcoming elections for HOA Board members. Elections are held in conjunction with the annual homeowners’ meeting.

This year the meeting is on Wednesday, June 15 so please mark your calendars for this date. It is important that homeowners attend the annual meeting. First, it is essential that we have a quorum sothat business can proceed. If absolutely unable to attend, please send in your ballot; that will act as a proxy for your presence. But, second, it is important that homeowners take part in the business of the community. If homeowners are unwilling to do this, the Boards of Directors have little to go on and find it difficult to do their job. Third, if you do not take part in the community’s business, you have little room to complain about things you don’t like.

There are openings for two members on each of the Community and the Villas boards. You received your candidacy forms in early April. If you plan to run for office, the completed form is due back to Seabreeze by May 6. Board members serve for two years. Please consider running for one of these offices. The HOA needs interested and dedicated owners to support the community operation and administration. But, even if you don’t run, please retum your vote to ensure a quorum. And, better yet, attend the meeting and bringit with you.