Glad to Have You Here!

Dear new Laguna Sur homeowner

Welcome to our beautiful community. We are very proud of Laguna Sur and believe it is one of themost desirable residential settings in Orange County. It has taken a lot of hard work by many volunteer residents to make and keep our community a delightful place to live. It is the desire of all Laguna Sur homeowners to maintain this condition.

You most likely understand that Laguna Sur is a condominium organization and is managed by a board of directors elected by the homeowners. To preserve our neighborhood as a desirable place to live, we have and maintain a set of governing documents that, together with state law, guide us in how we manage our enterprise. You should have received a copy of the governing documents from your seller or escrow company.

We strongly recommend that you read and become familiar with these documents—especially the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations. The Board of Directors is required to abide by these documents and to enforce their provisions for the benefit of the community.We are committed to a policy to adhere to and impartially apply these rules to all units and residents.

We also hope that you will personally help to make Laguna Sur even better by taking part in our activities. One of the best ways to do this is to contribute some of your time by volunteering to become a member of one of our committees or, if you feel qualified, by standing for election to the Board of Directors. There is always a need for owners in these positions. These are all voluntary, unpaid positions, but they do have rewards in the sense of accomplishment and value they give.

Another excellent way to be a part of the community is to join the Laguna Sur Blog. There is no cost,but there are many benefits. It is a source of information on social activities at Laguna Sur; on issues that affect us; and for leads to tradesmen, vendors, and other sources you may require.

Our board is supported by a professional management company—Seabreeze Management—whichfields requests from homeowners and forwards essential issues to the board. If you have questions or needs, please call Barbara Mayo at Seabreeze at 949-855-1800 x9040.

We sincerely wish you a pleasant and peaceful time here at Laguna Sur.

The Board of Directors, Laguna Sur Villas Home Owners’ Association