Potential trip hazards


The HOA has recently performed a walk-through of the community to find and list potential trip hazards-those areas where concrete and walkway seams are out of alignment and could cause one to trip and fall. Severe misalignments must be ground down to eliminate the hazard and potential liability. As indicated above, the owner’ s responsible for issues caused by owner improvements. This includes trip hazards in walkways installed by the owner (and those installed by previous owners of your unit). We found a number of hazards where owner-installed walkways have serious potential trip exposure. The owner is liable in these cases if someone is injured by this hazard. The HOA is responsible only for original walkway hazards. Original walkways are all concrete; owner installed are decorative and of tile or stamped concrete. Seabreeze and the Board of Directors will be sending reminder letters to those owners who should be aware of their responsibility to correct the walkways.


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