The following are just a few of the more important rules that apply to homeowners in Laguna Sur Villas. You should read and be familiar with the entire set of rules. These should have been delivered to you by your escrow company or the seller of your property. If you plan to rent, you must ensure that your tenant is familiar with the rules: you are responsible that the tenant observes the rules and regulations. Infraction by your tenant may result in fines levied on you.

🔑 New transponders and key fob replacements are being handled by Simptec (a division of OC Patrol, which handles our security).  They can be contacted by  mail at: The cost is $20 per transponder and $30 per fob.
⚠️ The number for after hours property emergency: 1-800-232-7517 option 1

Land Exchange Information

Access Gate Information

Talavera Gate: 499-3881
Police (non-emergency): 770-6011
Police (emergency): 911



Please note that the rules and the CC&Rs require that space must be available in your garage for at least one car. If you have more than one car, one of them must be parked in the garage. It not only makes for an unsightly neighborhood but poses certain dangers when too many cars are parked in the streets. If you choose to park one of your vehicles outside the garage, it may not block the driveway or be parked in your driveway if it obstructs the sidewalk. To do so violates California law.



Dogs must be kept on a leash and not allowed to run free. This is not only a community rule, but is city law. Further, it is the duty and responsibility of owners to clean up after their pets.


Pool Rules

Laguna Sur Pool and Tennis Rules

Hours of Operation: Swimming Pools and Spas Daily 6:30 AM –10:00 PM

Lap swimming priority: Daily 6:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Tennis Courts: Daily 7:00 AM –8:30 PM

Open doubles priority: Saturday 7:00-11:00 AM

  • All homeowners are furnished with a “Resident Key” to commonFacilities which opens gates and restroom doors. This key belongs to the Laguna Sur Community Association and must besurrendered to the Management Company upon request. If this key is lost aduplicate may be obtained from the Management Company for a fee of $150.00.
  • Always secure and lock gate when entering or leaving.
  • Anyone found breaking in or going over a fence to gain entry is subject to laws set forth in CA. Penal Code.
  • Homeowners and tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and observance of our rules.
  • Homeowners and guests use the facilities at their own risk. The Association is not liable for personal property.
  • Pet are never permitted at any time.
  • Glass objects, glassware, or bottles are prohibited.
  • Skateboarding, bicycling and roller skating are prohibited at the facilities. Skateboarding is prohibited everywhere in Laguna Sur.
  • No radios, televisions, tape decks or musical instruments are permitted unless used with ear buds.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Facilities.

Owner please make SURE your tenants are aware these rules!


Architectural Management

Many owners plan to remodel or change their unit before or just after moving in. Please note that for both aesthetic and safety reasons Laguna Sur Villas has a strong architectural control policy backed by the CC&Rs. This policy is described in the Laguna Sur Villas Architectural Guidelines that were delivered with the Laguna Sur Rules and Regulations. You must, before making any changes (even inside your unit), submit an application to and get approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Please read the ARC guidelines for complete and accurate information and a copy of the ARC application.

Satellite Dishes and Direct Access Antennas


The application and approval process set forth in this Policy applies also to requests for authorization to install other types of external television or signal reception devices.

Owners only of the Laguna Sur Villas Community Association (‘Association’) are encouraged and requested to submit an application for review and approval by the Architectural Review Committee of their plans for the installation of a satellite dish or direct access antenna (‘Antenna’) prior to installation. The purpose of such application is to ensure that the equipment is installed in an approvable location so as to avoid the possible necessity of expense to an Owner in having to remove the equipment and/or repair the Common Area. Prior application review and approval by the Association will ensure installation of the Antenna in the most approvable location, with the highest quality signal, and at a reasonable cost to Owners. These Rules and the Association’s approval or denial process of applications, are intend to comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FTC); Regulation Section 1.4000, California Civil Code Section 1376, as well as non-conflicting sections of the Association’s governing documents. The application of the Owners for such Antenna installation will be reviewed and approved or denied based upon the following Policy. Owners intending to install such Antennas are requested to comply with the following:

  • Applications for installation approval will be processed within fifteen (15) days of receipt by the Association so as to avoid unreasonable delay in the installation process.
  • Owners applying for approval may be requested to provide additional information, plans, drawings, etc., as part of the application process.
  • Owners are expected to comply with all rules and regulations set forth in the Associations’ governing documents, particularly the Architectural Guidelines, which do not conflict with the above referenced Federal rules, and this Policy, regarding installation of said Antennas.
  • Owners may only install and request approval to install satellite dish antennas of less than one meter (39 inches) in diameter, and Owner shall attempt to install the equipment within the most non-visible, unobtrusive location possible, so as to maintain the positive aesthetic appearance of Laguna Sur villas.
  • Antennas may not be installed on the Association’s Common Area, which includes the roofs, structures, and some exterior surfaces of the units. Other locations, which are the least visible from other homes or the Common Areas, are to be given first consideration. Antennas installed on the Association’s Common Area will be subject to immediate removal by the Association, or the Owner, at the Owner’s expense. Owners will be responsible for any damage and related repair costs to the Common Area, particularly roofs and any exterior flooring (deck) surface, installed and maintained by the Association, caused by the unapproved installation or removal of Antennas and related equipment.
  • Owners are encouraged to mount Antennas on a stand on their deck, in the back of their units, not affixed to the floor or decking surfaces or attached to any related railing or fence, for which the Association has maintenance and repair responsibility, even if the area is classified as Exclusive Use Common Area, so as to avoid possible expense for reimbursement to the Association for damage caused to such areas.
  • Owners are requested to submit applications for Antenna installations so the ARC Committee can visit the unit to advise the homeowner on the most appropriate and least intrusive method of introducing the cable into the unit, causing as little damage as possible, to avoid any further unnecessary expense, the cable, when at all possible should run perpendicular down behind the downspout and over the rain gutters. If that is not possible then the cable should run perpendicular and as unobtrusively down the side of the unit in a corner. The cable cannot run diagonally across the roof or diagonally down the side of the stucco where it can be obviously seen. The cable cannot run down inside of the chimney.
  • If an Antenna must be placed in a location which is visible within the Associating community, the Architectural Review Committee may require said Antenna to be covered, camouflaged or disguised in an approved fashion, and is empowered to do so, so as long as the additional cost to Owner is reasonable.
  • Owner’s application should include information from the intended installer identifying the proposed location for the equipment, the proposed piercing of the structure for cable routing, and the manner of installation.
  • Applicants may request a waiver of any of the above rules regarding the installation of an Antenna which as a diameter of one (1) meter or less so as to install it on a Common Area location, such as the chimney. Requests for waiver will be considered on a case-by-case basis, upon the applicant exhibiting to the Architectural Committee that the waiver is absolutely necessary if an Antenna is to be effective. Approval of any such application shall be at the sole discretion of the Association
  • If the Association grants a waiver and approves an application for installation in the Common Area, or other Association maintained area which is not in the exclusive use or control of the Owner, it may require as a condition of the approval, that the applying Owner pay a deposit of Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00), or as otherwise determined by the Association, plus all other related and incurred expenses involved in the installation, and OwnerÂ’s agreement to utilize the AssociationÂ’s contractor for the installation, at OwnerÂ’s expense. If a waiver is granted, the related approval will be contingent upon the Owner agreeing in writing to indemnify or reimburse the Association for any present or future damage or loss to the Association caused by the installation, maintenance or use of such satellite dish. In addition, the Association may monitor any such installation closely. Applicants who are denied, and thereafter request a waiver, should anticipate an additional processing time of approximately 2-4 weeks.
  • It is the AssociationÂ’s intention, as much as possible, to allow Owners to install the herein referenced dish type Antennas, on non-common Area, preferably in locations which are least visible from other Owners or other areas of the Laguna Sur Villas community. However, those rules and regulations are not intended to (i) unreasonably delay or prevent installation, maintenance or use, or (ii) unreasonably increase the cost of an acceptable quality signal. With this in mind, it is the AssociationÂ’s intent to work with Owners so as to allow installation on the least intrusive, but most efficient and economical location, in compliance with current law.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines and to obtain any required approval prior to installation of any such Antenna equipment may result in legal action and/or relocate all related Antenna equipment, at OwnerÂ’s expense, and/or reimburse the Association for any expense it incurs in doing so.

Approved November 2006 & Distribute December 2006


Architectural Guidelines (ARC) of the Laguna Sur Villas and Laguna Sur Community Associations